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A bold attempt to bring the famous magazine,'Screw" to the blue screen.What was planned to be a series of films, became only this once in a lifteime event.A space-age resort environment exists where Satisfiers and their guests raise sex to a fine art, creating a society whose entire purpose is sexual fulfillment. and you too, will learn to enjoy sex in a new dimension!Where the legendary Lord of the jungle holds dominion over his willing subjects.Years later the girls get a chance at revenge, and they take it.This is the uncut original version complete with all the violence and gore.But the couple have created to sexual monsters instead of the obedient slaves they had hoped for.

In between her and Savanah, there is no time to waste, no BLOWJOBS to be left to the side. And these guys get their wish as they're intermost fantasies are laid out in a series vignette that will burn a hole in your TV set.There's a carnal cowgirl encounter, the sizzling escapades at Miss Lilly's whorehouse, and many a raunchy ride with horny cowboys!The setting is Borneo, 1971, at Doc’s Hotel where Sadie, deported from Viet Nam for prostitution, falls in love with a GI.2 women are attacked on a beach & are rescued by a passing couple.The 2 are taken under the couple's wing and are taught the ways of pure animal lust.

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    Benefit from being with your first sexual partner by learning and gaining an experience of your own.

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    Even when I wrote it, I remember calling Sara and her girlfriend in the middle of the night in Montreal and telling them to wake up and go listen, and I was like, “I think I wrote something really sad, accidentally.” It was very cathartic, which throughout the early part of our career, I had rejected that word — like when people would be like, “Do you find writing cathartic?